Quantum Computing at World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022

Comparing a classical computer to a quantum computer, is a bit like comparing a crack in the wall to the Grand Canyon..!

Quantum computing relies on the quirkiness of sub-atomic particles to exist in more than one state at a time. For example, in normal computing a single piece of information or bit can exist in two states: 1 or 0. However, quantum computing uses a system of quantum bits or qubits. Think of a qubit as an imaginary sphere. A normal bit can be in two states at either poles of the sphere. Thanks to a process called ”super-position” a qubit can be at any point on the sphere.

This means a computer using qubits can store massively greater amounts of information, use considerably less energy, and work at exponentially higher speeds than a classical computer.

Come and listen to world-class companies deliver Codex Talks on how quantum computing will help us revolutionise the discovery of new medicines, and bring about advances in materials, climate, energy, and beyond.

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