NASA Head of Science at World’s Top 50 Innovators 2024

Dear Friends,

For the first time in half a century, NASA has returned to the Moon..! Fasten your seat belts, because you’re invited on a mind-blowing mission with the Head of Science at NASA herself, Dr. Nicola Fox!  Dr. Fox, the visionary leader guiding humanity’s next giant leaps, is gracing our stage to deliver a keynote address and share her cutting-edge insights and ignite your passion for the cosmos.

Prepare to be transported beyond the stratosphere as Dr. Fox unveils the latest discoveries, unveils ground-breaking missions, and shares her personal journey to the pinnacle of scientific leadership. This is your chance to understand the universe’s mysteries, get access to NASA’s most audacious plans, and ask your burning questions directly to the woman charting the course of space exploration!

Come and meet and be inspired by a true scientific rockstar.

All confirmed speakers and 3-day event schedule: click here

Don’t miss one of the most prestigious events in the tech calendar.

Have a great day..!