Generative AI at the World’s Top 50 Innovators 2024

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Generative AI stands as a powerful beacon of hope in our collective quest to address the formidable challenges posed by climate change and industrial complexities. With its ability to analyse vast datasets, predict trends, and propose innovative solutions, generative AI becomes a catalyst for transformative change. In the realm of climate challenges, it empowers researchers and policymakers to model and simulate various scenarios, offering valuable insights into the most effective strategies for mitigating environmental impact.

Furthermore, in industrial settings, generative AI optimizes processes, streamlines operations, and enhances resource efficiency, paving the way for sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Dr. Robin Tuluie is the founder and co-CEO of PhysicsX, a company of scientists and engineers borne out of World Championship winning Formula One teams, and numerical physics. He believes that to solve the urgent climate and industrial challenges we face, AI is essential to reconceive how engineering is practiced.

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Dr. Robin Tuluie, Founder and Co-CEO, PhysicsX
Will Generative AI save humanity from itself, by achieving humanly impossible solutions to climate change and industrial waste?

Toby Lewis, Global Head Threat Analysis, Darktrace
How can AI help protect your data when your data is everything, everywhere, all at once?

Pinar Ozcan, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Oxford University
How is AI changing competition across industries?

Edward Challis, Head of AI Strategy, UiPath
How can we unlock the power of Generative AI at work?

Dinesh Nayar, Managing Director, Creator Studio | H&M Group
How can AI lead to innovation in the fashion industry?

Maryam Fayaz-Torshizi, CEO, DeepSearch Labs
With AI here to stay, what will the next five years look like?

Maksim Sipos, Chief Scientific Officer, causaLens
Why is causality key to making AI robust and trustworthy?

Philip Davies, President, EMEA, Siegel+Gale
Is Simple Smart?

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