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BT Global Services uses the power of communications to make a better world. We provide the technology services to over 6,500 customers in more than 170 countries, including all of the FTSE100 companies, to help make the connections they need to succeed.

Core to our approach is the belief that IT is as much an art as it is a science. So we collaborate with our partners and customers to spark creative approaches to tackle problems, seizing opportunities and transforming these ideas into stunning business outcomes.

And throughout our 100+ year history, innovation has been our lifeblood. The telephone, the world’s first programmable computer, fibre-optic cable – the list of past BT innovations is endless. And today we are still right at the forefront, building smart cities, smart roads and buildings for you.

It is our culture of open innovation and our people that make BT an innovation powerhouse. We build new platforms so our customers don’t have to. We take pride in our global innovation scouting centres, development and deployment model, and research partnerships with leading universities including MIT. This expertise helps bring all this together to keep our products – and our customers’ businesses – fresh, adaptive and innovative.