In these terms and conditions the following words shall (except where the context otherwise admits) bear the following:

The activities and commercial objects of Codex are to:

Create showcase events designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas, encourage entrepreneurship and promote business links, by building strong relationships between international business leaders;
Showcase the latest technologies and ideas;
Provide a forum for high quality business education;
Promote international trade and investment;
Promote cultural exchange.
means any Members of Codex or any person or persons who have applied for membership of Codex upon the terms and conditions contained herein.

means any of the activities meetings and events organised by Codex for Members.

All applications for membership of Codex shall be made in writing using a Codex Application Form and signed by the proposed Member. Where a member has joined via the internet he/she is deemed to have signed the application form. On completion of an Application Form each new Member will be issued with a Membership Confirmation by Codex. Members receiving a Membership Confirmation shall be bound during the continuance of Membership by these Terms and Conditions and by all and any other terms stated in this agreement and by any other Bye-laws or Regulations for the time being published by Codex.

The Management may from time to time revoke, vary, add or alter the terms and conditions and regulations of Codex and is the sole authority for interpreting them and for settling all disputes relating to the affairs of Codex and the conduct of the Members or their guests.
Codex reserves the right to vary the manner or system in which tickets for any Event are allocated. Availability and access to exclusive member Events will be further subject to the specific terms and conditions of each Event provided always that access to exclusive member Events cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional payment. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall constitute or imply any guarantee of entitlement to attend an Event.
Codex reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend or cancel any Event where the occasion necessitates. In such circumstances a full refund of any registration fee will be made if applicable and Codex shall accept no further liability whatsoever.
Members shall conduct themselves when participating in all Events in a sensible, safe and social manner towards all other members and towards the General Public and towards all those persons firms or companies providing Members with instruction or guidance in connection with the participation by Members in Events
Membership of Codex is valid for one year from the date of joining or renewing. The annual subscription is the sum the management determines from time to time but the management may dispense with a subscription fee entirely.
Codex reserves the right to expel from membership or suspend a member’s membership and all associated benefits for a period of time or to withdraw their use in the event of a breach or abuse of any of the terms and conditions and regulations referred to whether in this agreement or imposed otherwise or in the event of any abusive, dangerous or any other unacceptable behaviour by the member whether at an Event or otherwise or whose conduct is deemed to be prejudicial to the interests of Codex or its members or in the sole opinion of the management renders him unfit for membership.
Codex reserves the right to refuse any application for membership or terminate any Member’s membership at its sole discretion without giving any reason. Codex reserves the right at all times to expel Members or to prevent for any reason any Member from participating in any Event or from renewing Membership.
No Member shall have the right or authority to represent speak on behalf of or hold himself out as being a representative of Codex without the full knowledge and written consent of the Management of Codex.
Not with standing that Codex will at all times use its best endeavours to eliminate or minimise the risk involved in participating in the events Members shall take and bear all risks involved in participating in the events,
Under no circumstances will Codex or its management be responsible for any accident or injury to Members or their guests or invitees whether or not insurance cover is available or unobtainable for a particular Event. Guests of Members may be required by Codex at its discretion to sign a form of special disclaimer in respect of the liability of Codex for accident or injury to such Guests whether or not insurance cover is available or unobtainable for a particular Event. Any such Guest refusing to sign such disclaimer (where requested to do so by Codex) will be prevented (so far as such prevention is lawful) from participating in the Event concerned and in such circumstances a Guest of a Member so prevented from participating in any Event may not be entitled to any refund of booking fees paid.
Codex does not exclude liability for death or personal injury to Members or their Guests caused by the negligence of Codex or its employees or Agents (but not sub-contractors) and accordingly Codex does not exclude any liability of Codex pursuant to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.
Members shall not under any circumstances whatsoever have any right to participate or share in the assets of Codex.
This agreement is not intended to nor shall it create any rights, entitlement, claims or benefits enforceable by any person that is not a party to it. Accordingly, save as aforesaid, no person shall derive any benefit or have any right, entitlement or claim in relation to this Agreement by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
These Terms and Conditions and any other Bye-laws or minor Regulations published by Codex and any other Terms and Conditions applicable to Members shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of law in England.