Luxury Brands: Rolls-Royce

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On 4th May 1904, Charles Stewart Rolls, a wealthy marketing savvy aristocrat, met Frederick Henry Royce, a miller’s son and brilliant engineer, at The Midland Hotel in Manchester.  This historic meeting resulted in a partnership that would become world famous for engineering perfection and top end luxury:  Rolls-Royce.

A slowdown in Japan, coupled with weak spending in the US and Europe is forcing luxury goods companies to reassess their strategies. Luxury brands are now shifting their hopes to emerging markets such as India, China and the Middle East. India is no stranger to the luxury industry with its Maharajas and princely states of the past. But today it’s the “new Maharajas – the kings and queens of business” that the uber luxury brands want to target. The uppermost ranks of India’s 1.1bn citizens are among the world’s most affluent. According to Forbes’ annual list of the world’s wealthiest people, India has the most billionaires of any Asian country.

The Midland, Peter Street, Manchester, United Kingdom
02 May 2012
6:15 pm - 9:30 pm


Thomas Jefferson, Global Head of Sales and Communications, Rolls-Royce
Edward Eisler, CEO, JING – Luxury Tea
Clive Wratten, CEO, ETIHAD UK
Dr Stuart Roper, Manchester Business School


The shift East of the luxury industry;
The Rolls-Royce brand story;
Which luxury brands have been successful in the Middle East and Asia;
Potential of great British heritage luxury brands in fast growing markets;
How to build an online luxury brand;
Which advertising campaigns have been successful and why;
Which luxury brands from Middle East and Asia will challenge brands from the West.



The Midland, Peter Street, Manchester, United Kingdom