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World’s Top 50 Innovators 2019 – 23rd to 25th September 2019

Everyone thinks deep learning has revolutionised AI. Perhaps. AnotherBrain from Paris has a different approach. They have created a new kind of artificial intelligence, called Organic AI, which is very close to the functioning of the human brain and much more powerful than existing AI technologies. This new Organic AI is self-learning, does not require big data for training, is very frugal in energy use and therefore low cost. So what’s the magic?

AnotherBrain’s technology is replicating the brain’s behavior at a more macroscopic scale, where large neuronal populations have a dedicated function like the perception of motion or curvature, and is therefore generic to all sensory perceptions. This means it can treat vision as well as smell and sound just like the cortex.

Bruno Maisonnier, CEO, AnotherBrain, the genius behind Pepper and Nao humanoid robots, is taking on a bigger challenge – replicating the human brain. Don’t miss Bruno’s Codex Talk on harnessing the enhanced power of Organic AI. How will this new powerful AI help us, and how will we retain control?

Codex is proud to invite you to one of the most prestigious events in the technology calendar. A distinguished line up of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are moving the world forward with the power of their technologies and ideas will convene to share their excitement with you. Royal Society, London 23 – 25 September.

Confirmed speakers and event schedule can be viewed here: https://www.codex.com/worlds-top-50-innovators-2019/

Top innovators will include:

Dr. Jim Green, Chief Scientist, NASA
Bruno Maisonnier, CEO, AnotherBrain
Anima Anandkumar, Director of Machine Learning, NVIDIA
Ken Mulvany, Chairman, BenevolentAI
Clare Jones, COO, What3Words
Juraj Vaculik, CEO, AeroMobil
Rene Bostic, VP New Technologies and Innovation, IBM
Adrian Griffiths, CEO, Recycling Technologies
Andy Clark, Design Innovation Director, Oracle

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The pace of change is so fast, that what was once science fiction is becoming reality. How will you respond to this, when missing a disruptive technology on the horizon could endanger your business?

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what’s on the horizon, understand the bigger picture, and future proof your business. Entrepreneurs and innovators from all the industries of the future will be there to spark your imagination.

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