London Innovation Summit 2015

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SCOTT COOK once famously remarked: “We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the internet revolution.” Catalysed by the internet, the pace of technological change is shaking the foundations of traditional industries. Out of the turmoil only the most agile and innovative companies will prosper. How can we best enjoy the bounty from dazzling technologies, whilst reducing their harmful effects ?

Codex is proud to present the most significant London Innovation Summit of 2015, to cut through the noise, and understand the full impact of digital technologies on our lives and our economy.

This summit will bring together high profile leaders from the most innovative companies that are reshaping, creating, disrupting, and expanding markets across the technology landscape. We will discuss what impacts these technologies could have for growth and performance of organisations and society, and ultimately what it will take to succeed in this brave new world.

Taylor Wessing LLP, New Street Square, London, United Kingdom
15 October 2015
9:00 am - 6:30 pm


Coffee and Breakfast

Graham Hann, Partner, Taylor Wessing

Eric Hellweg, Managing Director, Digital Strategy, Harvard Business Review

Rt Hon Lord Ajay Kakkar, Professor of Surgery, University College London

Dr Su-Lin Lee, Engineer, Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London

Dr Nicholas van As, Consultant Oncologist, The Royal Marsden Hospital

Robert Garlick, Managing Director, Global Product Head, Citi Research (Moderator)


What are the benefits and risks of the ever increasing numbers of surgical procedures performed by robots ?

Are the capital costs coming down at a rate that public health services can afford the medical robots and as well as the training of surgeons ?

The Benefits of CyberKnife Technology

Clark MacFarlane, Managing Director, Siemens

Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Shadow Minister, Department of Energy and Climate Change

Antoine Rostand, Senior Adviser, Schlumberger

Dr David Clark, CEO, Energy Technologies Institute; Former Head of Technology Strategy, Rolls-Royce

Simon Daniel, CEO, Moixa

Jason Channell, Managing Director, Citi Investment Research & Analysis (Moderator)


Which energy technologies will be most effective in meeting future energy demands ?

Industry transformation through energy storage technologies

Latest developments in carbon capture technologies

How smart grids can transform electricity transmission and distribution ?

What impact will the discovery of shale gas have on energy markets

Paul Frampton, CEO, Havas Media

Tim Sleath, Director, Exponential

Matthew Celuszak, CEO, Crowd Emotion

Charles Van Overmeire, International Development, Pictawall

Tom Singlehurst, Head of European Media Equity Research, Citi (Moderator)


Technology and the changing dynamics of advertising

Big data and the advent of personalised advertising

Mobile advertising – reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time

Real time bidding for adverts

Content is king – How technology can evaluate the effectiveness of an advert

Francesca Rosella, Creative Director, Cute Circuit

Mark Bernstein, CEO, Visijax

Nikolaj Hviid, CEO, Bragi

Markus Strecker, Director, Teiimo

Graham Hann, Partner, Taylor Wessing (Moderator)


Wearable technology in sports and fitness industries

Smart fabrics – the latest breakthroughs

When tech meets fashion

Wearable technology and the Internet of Things

Live demonstration

James Baker, Director, National Graphene Institute

Simon Pike, Director, TATA Steel

Christopher Thornham, Partner, Taylor Wessing (Moderator)


How material science has shaped the modern world

Graphene and its commercial applications

Latest advances in nanotechnology

Live demonstration

Andy Palmer, CEO, Aston Martin

Dr Carl Pickering, Head of Technology Strategy, Jaguar Land Rover

Will Maddern, Leader, Autonomous Nissan Leaf Project, Oxford University

Itay Michaeli, Global Head of Auto Research, Citi

Sally Annereau, Taylor Wessing (Moderator)


The rise of the connected car

Which technologies will be important in cars of the future

Future of car ownership

Connected cars and smart cities

Paving the way to a driverless future



Taylor Wessing LLP, New Street Square, London, United Kingdom