CO2 slashed at the World’s Top 50 Innovators 2022

A vast amount of CO2 is released in the atmosphere to produce many materials in everyday use like steel, plastic and paper. At this year’s T50 we have invited innovators who have devised technologies to help slash those emissions.

Barak Yekutiely, from Reep Technologies has invented an extraordinary machine which literally sucks the ink from a printed page so it can be used 10 times over. This is achieved by developing paper with a coating that prevents ink soaking into the page and a laser to evaporate the ink. Watch the magic happen

Boston Metal is commercializing breakthrough technology to electrify the steel industry with the potential to eliminate 10% of global carbon emissions. The company’s patented molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) platform replaces fossil fuels with renewable electricity to convert all iron ore grades into high-purity liquid metal through a cost-efficient, one-step process. There are zero carbon emissions or harmful by products released during the process, only oxygen. Backed by leading investors like Bill Gates, Boston Metal has the scalable approach to green the most important engineering material in the world.

Carbios is the first and only company in the world developing biological processes for the end-of-life of plastics and synthetic fibres with the potential to engage the entire industry in a truly circular economy. The company is now moving to industrialization with two disruptive innovations, of which a process to infinitely recycle PET without any quality loss, opening the possibility to create a virtuous circular economy scheme.

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