Codex commemorates 500 years of Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy

The Vitruvian Man, drawn by Leonardo in one of his Codices (or notebooks), was chosen as the logo for Codex as it embodies the creative spirit of one of the greatest geniuses. In the five hundred years since his death, few polymaths have matched the intellect, ingenuity and artistry of Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519).  

Although more famous for iconic paintings such as The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa, it is in his Codices, where one can really appreciate his expansive vision and unparalleled skills in bridging art, science and technology.  With a passion bordering on the obsessive, he pursued studies in human anatomy, avian aerodynamics, engineering, mathematics, geology, botany, and astronomy. He even sketched a prototype flying machine, not unlike the biplanes of the early 20th century. And in the Codex Atlanticus, he depicts a robotic ‘automaton’ knight, considered by many to be the world’s first humanoid robot.

Whilst the creativity of Leonardo da Vinci was captured in his notebooks, Codex shares the wisdom of today’s great innovators via Codex Talks and events. Our mission is to inspire technology leaders and entrepreneurs to apply their collective imaginations to deliver technologies that will continue to transform our lives.    

To mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death in 2019, Codex will be organising a series of special events to instil in our children as well as ourselves the confidence and the courage to think differently…not just passively accept received knowledge but be willing to question it. By being imaginative, like talented misfits and mavericks in any era, we may even be able to race against the machines.

  Some of the events we are planning include:

– Leonardo at 500: Codex Talks 

– Leonardo at 500: Boosting Creativity in Schools

– Leonardo at 500: World’s Top 50 Innovators

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